We are QUED Animations INC.


Who we are.

In 2014 we officially started our studio in Chicago. We began by working with clients as a service based studio on Multimedia Design projects.  Looking to solve problems, we started working with Architecture firms in the area to create “creative 3D Architecture” for builds that were being developed.

This lead us into Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality development in order to streamline the creative process, convey the ideas for the build to the Chamber of Commerce, and create a singular idea for the final build to contractors. 

QUED Animations is a Reality Technology company that works with many industries. We utilize the latest in technology, creativity, and software to bring solutions to clients by working with them not for them. We found by working with our clients we can best serve their needs through our experiences.

We are creative independently, but together we are an awesome group! Below, get to know our core team. Finding that you require a group of talented team mates? Allow us to work with you in order to complete the tasks you have. Weather that task is small or larger, we have the resources to help your team get it done.

Design as a solution

We want to create something that does more than just look nice on a page or online. We are creative problem solvers and in this section we will explore how the bridge between art and everyday life are connected 


Having a major influence on our everyday lives we have looked at how to create beneficial software and hardware that will aide us and our clients to reach our goals. We look not to saturate the market with colorful, shiny, displays, but with something that entertains and educates our audiences.


Mixed Reality

We've been there since the beginning. Armed with the knowledge and insight of how to implement this technology into any market we work with you to create actionable solutions that be benefit both the client and their customers in a productive way.



This blanketed word describe the foundation of what we stand for. We all have an imagination, and as such connecting that to the real world is a powerful tool. We possess the know-how and the desire to do so. Have questions? We are more than happy to educate our partners on the possibilities and their options!


Our services.


2D, 3D, Animation, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Video Editing, and so much more! We offer these areas for your business. Alone this is good, but combining disciplines will impact the viewer's experience better than a single element could. We make it our mission to work with you to not only complete tasks, but to consult on best practices in your field.  


A skilled team of individuals that are pioneers in their fields that came together and share their experiences to give sound solutions! This is what you get with us! Weekly we have "Bell Ringers," and internal team meeting of the minds to discuss a plan of action that best suit our business and what's needed to move forward. We offer this beneficial method and more to your business. Ask us how. 


Multi-platform integration that will impact the user experience with engaging content meant to educate and entertain in order to offer lasting impressions. This is our promise to you! Coming from a creative background, each of our team members understand the importance digital content plays on our world today. This is why we focus on always staying on the latest trends to best help you, the client! 


The process of getting people interested in your company's product or service. This happens through Market Research, Analysis, and understanding your ideal customer's interests. Marketing pertains to all aspects of a business, including product development, distribution methods, sales, and advertising.


We understand that there's no "one size fit all" approach to your design needs. So we make it our business to stay above industry standards within the visual design industry. Our team of Creatives are the best when it comes to creating for 2D/3D, Logos, 3D Development, Game Development, and so much more. Contact us and we will work with you to create the ideal concept and design for your business or project.


Our belief is that "the ideal strategy comes when two or more people put their heads together." Our approach is to work with you to enhance your ideas by offering creative solutions that will overcome your issues. This has made us first in mind with our partners and clients. Should you have only an idea but require a fully flushed out project we have a great team of talented people that love to solve problems like their passion for puzzles. It's what drive us to be our best, both individually and as a team.


Here is where we really shine! We are second to none in the digital Development space. We live to help pioneer within this area and have the experience, the skills, and the portfolio to back this claim. What software do you need assistance in? Tell us and we will find the answer should we don't already have it. Do you require something created that's never been brought to market? We've been approached to work on lots of these types of projects and have succeeded for our clients and would like nothing more than to help you succeed too!


The importance of marketing has not be lost on our team. We understand thoroughly how marketing within any business is arguably the most important area for business, and because of this we have put in place a remarkable team that not only helps us grow, but will assist our clients and their  project! We help to promote your products or services to your target audience. We do so by combining visual learning with your brand and message utilizing social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube to share your message and engage with your audience.

How we work.

QUED Animations is a Reality Technology company that works with many industries. We utilize the latest in technology, creativity, and software to bring solutions to clients by working with them not for them. 

We found by working with our clients we can best serve their needs through our experiences.

We are a Chicago Based Studio, but always looking to expand our reach. We also work remotely with clients all over and have worked on site in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Iowa, Florida, and other places in multiple industries.

There are no “one side fit all” services that works for every client, so we’ve became experts in the Visual Design & creative process of

Application Development, Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, Branding & Story Development.

Each by themselves are great tools but what happens when you have the ability to combine them? You have an amazing experience for your customers!



Our skills, experience, and passion for what we do are evident in all of our projects. We have worked on many innovative projects and have amassed digital content that is waiting to be placed in our client’s projects.

Need 3D avatars? We already have them created or take a short time-frame to create to suite your needs. 

Looking to create an app for your business? This is what we do best! Did we mention that we help to create Brand strategy and marketing? Our talented team are ready to work with you to get the job completed!