AR Glass

From Shattered to Spectacular: Bringing Back Beloved Bowls with AR

Sometimes, life throws a curveball (or a falling shelf) and breaks your cherished possessions. But fear not, for QUED Animations is here to pick up the pieces… virtually!

In this project, we worked with a client whose heart was broken (quite literally) when a shelf collapse destroyed two rare and irreplaceable glass bowls. Using our animation magic, we meticulously recreated digital versions of the bowls, capturing their intricate details and unique beauty.

But here’s the twist: we didn’t just stop at a digital replica. We brought the bowls back to life in Augmented Reality (AR)! Now, our client can enjoy their beloved treasures virtually, placing them anywhere in their home and reliving cherished memories.

This project proves that even when things break, there’s always a way to mend them… with a little creativity and a dash of AR!

Ask us how you can replicate digital twins for your project! 


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