Augmented Reality Resume

Ditch the Paper, Embrace the Future: Your Augmented Reality Resume

Forget the static resume – stand out from the crowd with an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experience!

This isn’t just a resume; it’s a dynamic showcase of your skills and experience. Here’s how it works:

  • Download the app (or scan a code).
  • Point your phone at your resume.
  • Watch your skills and achievements come to life!


  • Interactive charts and graphs displaying your accomplishments in a visually engaging way.
  • 3D models showcasing your design work or past projects.
  • Embedded videos highlighting presentations or work samples.
  • Clickable links seamlessly connecting employers to your online portfolio or social media.

It’s more than just a gimmick, it’s a conversation starter. Your AR resume demonstrates your:

  • Technical Savvy: Showcases your understanding of cutting-edge technology.
  • Creativity & Innovation: Highlights your ability to think outside the box.
  • Passion & Engagement: Makes your resume a truly personal experience.

Make a lasting impression. Ditch the paper and embrace the future with a cutting-edge AR resume from QUED Animations. Let’s create a resume that’s as unique and impressive as you are!

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