Animated Anatomy

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Male ~ Anatomy Skeleton ~ Skeletal System Blue Veins ~ Circulatory System Blue Veins ~ Circulatory System Muscle ~ Musculoskeletal System Torso ~ Skeletal System Skull ~ Skeletal System Spine ~ Skeletal System Legs ~ Skeletal System Arm and Hand ~ Skeletal System Organ Breakdown ~ Multiple Systems

The Route History Virtual Reality Experience

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The Virtual Road Trip: A Journey Through Time on Illinois’ Route 66 Immersive History with QUED Animation and Route History As a lover of both history and technology, I recently had the privilege of embarking on a remarkable virtual journey. Produced by us at QUED Animation in collaboration with Route History, a museum in Springfield, IL, this experience is unlike … Read More

Why is Custom software Important to Your Business?

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Custom software is software that is specifically designed and developed for a particular organization or business to meet its unique needs and requirements. Here are some reasons why custom software is important to businesses: Increased Efficiency: Custom software is designed to automate and streamline specific business processes, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Improved User Experience: Custom software … Read More

Virtual Reality & Healthcare

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Virtual Reality (VR) technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by providing new and innovative ways to diagnose, treat, and manage various medical conditions. Here are some ways in which Virtual Reality can be used in healthcare: Pain Management: VR can be used to distract patients from pain and provide them with a more immersive and enjoyable experience during medical … Read More

6 Reasons of Implementing Animation in Business

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Animation is no longer just for entertainment and video games. In today’s digital age, animation has become an important tool for businesses looking to engage with customers, convey information, and tell compelling stories. Whether it’s for advertising, product demonstrations, training, or marketing, animation can play a critical role in a business’s success. Here are some of the reasons why implementing … Read More

NFTs By QUED Animations Are Here

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Non Fungible Tokens or (NFT) are digital assets that represents real world objects like art, music, and game assets. As we have looked at the market and found where we can offer a better product we wanted to offer a great line of assets to the market by way of visual graphics, animated models, and methods of storing and using … Read More

3D Logo Animation and the Effects on Marketing

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Over the years QUED Animations have been task with many projects and since our beginning we have dedicated ourselves to doing the best job that we can. Recently we were asked did we produce 3D logo animation. We do and have been since our beginning. This demo is from one of our clients in the Production and Entertainment industries for … Read More