Depixtion the Drawing App is now live!

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The holidays are upon us an while kids will be home both physically due to social events and mentally while they are away from online schooling the notion of feeding their intellect and creativity will be essential. Depixtion is an app we created for our internal Artists to have a tool that would allow them to draw storyboards and concepts … Read More

The Age of QUED Card

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Printing out paper business cards is a waste of resources when your customers are using smart devices to conduct business. So why not convert your paper business cards into an Augmented Reality Business Card and help save the environment? Factor in the numbers will you. Your customers will most likely take you business card, throw it away and never even … Read More


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As Artists we develop projects, both for our clients and personal one too! Our archive is filled with characters waiting to be placed into projects and Pen is one that we chose to share with the masses! Fully rigged and ready for animation, this character is ready for skits or ready as a mascot for any occasion. We have lots … Read More