Depixtion the Drawing App is now live!

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The holidays are upon us an while kids will be home both physically due to social events and mentally while they are away from online schooling the notion of feeding their intellect and creativity will be essential. Depixtion is an app we created for our internal Artists to have a tool that would allow them to draw storyboards and concepts when working with clients. This is a great tool for kids as well so we’ve made it possible for users to have the ability to use it and found that kids enjoy creating in a non destructive environment. So, what does that mean?

Drawing on traditional paper yields a single use. Once used should you find that you didn’t like the drawing then you throw it away. That’s waste that our environment don’t need and we don’t have to help further the damage done to our atmosphere. While everyone has adapted to the use of phones and tablets we should consider the facts that use of paper should be cut down and that when possible, the use of other means should be considered.

Depixtion and apps like it will give the same experience to Artists that paper will in the way that it is responsive to motion, colors, and gestures, while cutting the cost and use of physical materials like pencils and others.

Now let’s talk about how fun it is to see and share your works with your love ones! We’ve set us a share button that allows for sharing your completed amazing art to the masses or those you love. We recognize that art is to be shared and enjoyed as a crowd so let’s share this great app with the work! We at QUED Animations invite you to gift someone with the joy of drawing with Depixtion, the Drawing App!

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