Making A 3D Puzzle For Black History Month-Tutorial

Build Black History: A 3D Puzzle Tutorial for Everyone

Celebrate Black History Month with a fun and educational activity for all ages! In this tutorial, QUED Animations guides you through the creation of your very own 3D puzzle, honoring the heroes and figures who shaped our world.

No prior experience needed! We’ll walk you through every step, from choosing your design and materials to assembling the final product. You’ll learn basic 3D printing techniques and discover how to transform a simple image into a captivating puzzle.

This project is perfect for:

  • Schools: Enhance classroom learning about Black history with an interactive activity.
  • Families: Bond over a creative project that celebrates important figures while developing problem-solving skills.
  • Community centers: Offer a fun and accessible way to learn about Black history.

More than just a puzzle, it’s a celebration! Join us in building Black history and create a lasting reminder of the achievements and contributions of inspirational figures.

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