58 Elegant Roses: Digital Portraits, Victorian Glamour, Romantic Illustration, High Resolution Art by Ginetta Martinica & Luciano Azzardo


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Ginetta Martinica and Luciano Azzardo have crafted a breathtaking portrait of a woman adorned with roses using their unique digital painting style. This artwork draws inspiration from the likes of Steve Henderson and captures the essence of 19th-century elegance with its detailed character design reminiscent of Valentin Serov’s work.

The beauty of this portrait shines through its romantic illustration style, presented in high resolution for a truly immersive experience. It embraces the enchanting world of princesscore, blending painterly techniques with historical fiction elements, transporting you to a bygone era of glamour and refinement.

Another captivating painting in their collection features a woman adorned with a necklace, presented in the same romantic illustration style with digital art techniques. The Victorian influence and glamorous pin-up aesthetics infuse the artwork with romantic emotion, highlighted by the use of ivory tones. These portrait paintings evoke the timeless beauty of the past while resonating with modern sensibilities.

Additionally, a watercolor painting portrait of a beautiful woman, influenced by the styles of Peter Kemp, Cyril Rolando, and Valentine Penrose, awaits your admiration. This piece captures the lush and detailed essence of historical fiction, presented in high resolution to appreciate every brushstroke and nuance. It’s a traditional masterpiece that transports you to a world of timeless elegance and charm. Explore these exquisite artworks by Ginetta Martinica and Luciano Azzardo to adorn your space with beauty and sophistication.


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