QUED Card is the Augmented Reality solutions for Business Cards, Logos, Products, Branding, Promotions, & Marketing!


What is QUED Card

QUED Card is a subscription based product launched through QUED Animations, INC. We understand that the need for business cards will always be necessary for any business and also know that most customer will not keep your business card very long.
So we asked ourselves, "what will incentivize clients to retain our card and utilize our services?" We looked to emerging technology that pairs well with existing branded materials and will leave a long lasting impression on the consumer.

How is QUED Card Implemented

  Understanding our target audience and looking to solve our growing pains we incorporated Augmented Reality to our business cards and wanted to share our success with our colleagues.
Knowing that this method has helped us and our customers achieve success we set out to create a product that would not saturate the market but increase productivity while helping companies with a growing problem of clients throwing away.
Here's what we know for sure, when we used Augmented Reality for our clients we saw a direct increase in sales. 

Only Limited to the Imagination

The use of Augmented Reality is not limited to just your business card but also your current branded content ( logos, product packaging, flyers/poster, direct mail, etc. ).
When signing up for QUED Card, you allow your entire team to have access to Augmented Reality features, whether you are 1 or 1,000!

The true Value of QUED Card

 For example, when an insurance agent signs up, their clients and colleagues on the other side of the country now have the ability to utilize this important marketing and networking tool.
Since most companies use the same business cards and logos you are now providing the entire agency the avenue to use an app that promotes the company's culture regardless of which office subscribed.
The value comes because, when one membership is created everyone within the company has a consolidated application that addresses several areas; marketing, education, promoting, and, acquiring new and existing customers.  

Innovate your entire Organization

For the initial member who signs up for QUED Card, you are now the hero of your entire organization, because you have brought value to all. For the organization who prints thousands of business cards only to see 88% of them thrown away in the first week, you now have an incentive for those customers to keep your cards and use them with an app that potentially will evolve over time.
For the customers, the value comes in that in order to receive new savings they will need to retain your business cards. 

Business Cards with a twist

We all have business card, but don't you feel like there's a better solution to handing out these dull, outdated info grabbers?
Have you wondered how many clients keep your business card? How many business cards do you keep? With QUED Card their is a better solution!

​We work with you to turn these diminished business cards into a Multimedia display that not only entertain, educate, and capture the attention of your new clients, but incentives customers to keep your cards. Using Augmented Reality's (AR) innovative technology and your existing branded materials we project your message onto you logos, icons, or any visual content.

Share promotional materials with you customers that's only available through your app. Create scavenger hunts that are activated within the use of your business cards. If you are a Music Artist share exclusive tracks that will only be playable through the use of AR and your flyers.

All of these and more are possible with QUED Cards!

Minimize Wasted Business Cards

Quick questions, how many business cards do you give away in a month, and how many customers use those cards to contact you?
If your are like the majority of business owners that print business cards you may know that more than 87 percent of business cards are thrown away in the first week.
This adds to wasted resources for you and adds to waste going into landfills. Why not increase potential sale figures from 2.5% to based on figures from handing out 2000 business cards to more while decreasing the amount of physical business cards used and tossed?
This is the solution for QUED Card. Plus we give customers an intimant look into your brand and culture for your business using their smart phones.


Download   QUED Card Demo & explore what's possible!