The Age of QUED Card

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Printing out paper business cards is a waste of resources when your customers are using smart devices to conduct business. So why not convert your paper business cards into an Augmented Reality Business Card and help save the environment?

Factor in the numbers will you. Your customers will most likely take you business card, throw it away and never even use it for it’s intended purpose which is to learn about your business and to contact you.

that’s a fact when you realize that 88% of business cards printed in the US every year are thrown away. Check the numbers that 10 Billion business cards are printed and 8.8 billion are trashed each year. That a lot!

We’ve found a solution to this issue here at QUED Animations! Digital Business Cards that is innovative in it’s method of sharing information and the user experience with our customers! QUED Card’s purpose is to give owners and their target audience the opportunity to share in the experience of Augmented reality while giving businesses a way of promoting, selling, marketing, and reaching their customers while customer are using their phones.

Find out more about QUED Card and download our app in the Case Studies tab!

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