“Meet Dubby”-Character Design & Animation Video

Unveiling the Character Design & Animation Process

Ever wondered how your favorite animated characters come to life? In this video, QUED Animations takes you behind the scenes of the character design and animation process. Witness the magic unfold as we transform “Dubby” from a rough sketch to a fully animated personality.

You’ll see:

  • The birth of a character: From brainstorming ideas and developing concepts to creating the perfect visual representation of Dubby.
  • Bringing Dubby to life: Explore the intricacies of character animation, from rigging and movement to adding personality and emotion.
  • The power of collaboration: Witness how our team of designers and animators work together to breathe life into Dubby.

Get ready to be amazed! This video is a must-watch for anyone curious about animation, character design, or simply loves seeing the creative process in action.

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