Route History’s Virtual Reality Experience

Buckle Up for a Journey Through History: The Black Experience of Route 66

Step into a virtual reality time machine and embark on a powerful journey along the Illinois leg of Route 66. The Black Experience of Route 66, presented by Route History Museum in Springfield, IL, isn’t your typical road trip. Here, you become a passenger, witnessing firsthand the joys and struggles faced by Black travelers during the Jim Crow era.

Meet inspiring characters – a blues singer belting out soulful tunes, a World War II veteran navigating the “Green Book,” or a family embarking on the Great Migration for a brighter future. Through their stories, you’ll experience the resilience, resourcefulness, and enduring spirit of Black America in the face of segregation.

This immersive VR experience will transport you to bustling city centers, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems along Route 66. You’ll witness the vibrant Black communities that thrived despite the challenges, and feel the weight of discrimination encountered at segregated restaurants and gas stations.

The Black Experience of Route 66 is more than just a trip down memory lane. It’s a powerful testament to the past that sheds light on the ongoing fight for racial equality.

Prepare to be captivated. Prepare to be informed. Prepare to experience history like never before.

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