Can you Spot the False Dresser?

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Answer: They are all 3D Models!

Written by Quittman Farmer

I have a couple of questions. Which of these 5 dressers is a 3D model and why did you choose that one?

In marketing sometimes the need for 3D modeling is necessary, but with a subtle touch.

So, which is the false dresser? Can you tell?

The truth is that all five are 3D models created to give customers an example of the options to choose from when purchasing a dresser.

Whether you’ve noticed it in ecommerce or in other media 3D modeling is used in most industries in order to give a sense of realism to products or even media. As consumers we have been trained to notice grand design in television, but not in product offerings. Only when done badly will you know that their is a stand-in (fake) design to some of your favorite products or brands.

Creative Graphics Tailored for the Customers

Ask yourself how often do you consume information everyday that is modified in order to help you make an informed decision to buy an item. What is the tone of the information? How often is it available for you to view it? Why is it in your feed and will it appeal enough for you to spend your money on that item?

The fact is that we all are affected by product placement and this will not slow down, but will only increase as technology advance.

So how do I incorporate this into my brand

Including 3D graphics into your marketing can be a simple process. Most believe that this is a difficult task or that affording this expensive, but in reality it don’t have to be.

Our staff at QUED Animations have been helping clients include 3D models inside of their industries since our start and work with you to come up with a strategy that bests fit within your existing brand.

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